Amor Tiranno

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Amor Tiranno

Ivana Bilej Broukova--soprano, Marketa Cukrova--mezzo soprano, Jan Krejca--theorba, baroque guitar, renaissance lute, Miloslav Student -arch-lute, baroque guitar, renaissance lute, Petr Wagner--viola da gamba, Tomas Reindl--percussion.

Production: Vitezslav Janda.

Text: Cz., Eng. Released 0009. TT: 59:45. DDD. I CD Arta Records F10159 (distribution 2HP Production).


Italian love songs of the first half of the 17th century are not exactly a typical theme for the Czech music industry and they ate a distinct exception among Czech CDs. On the other hand, the fact that the Amor Tirano album uses and brings to life the repertoire from the manuscript Ariette in musica da diversi maestri, which has been preserved since the 18th century in the collections of the Bohemian noble Lobkovic family gives it a logical rationale. This makes it a pity that the information given by Miloslav Student in the booklet devoted to this source is not more detailed--he does not explicitly state whether this is a modern discovery, explain how it was turned into a CD project, or mention the history of the manuscript. Was its existence always known? How did it survive the decades of communism? Has anyone ever performed anything from it in modern times? Has it ever been recorded before?

The six performers who are the protagonists of this recording and have taken the role of interpreters of the poetry of a distant time and a foreign country are indisputably specialists in the right place. They have the know-how and skills to bring the manuscript notes to life. This is a una voce repertoire in which the poetic word has an equal role with the music. A monody from the period of the origins of the Baroque style does not, of course, abound at first hearing in an opulent or amazing wealth of attributes that would help the music to immediate success with listeners. …


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