Magazine article Sunset

Mountain Checklist

Magazine article Sunset

Mountain Checklist

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* HERBS IN THE HOUSE. Many herbs grow well indoors if they get five hours or more of bright light daily. In a sunny window, try oregano, rosemary, sage, sweet marjoram, and thyme. In a window with less light, try bay, chives, peppermint, and spearmint. Nurseries and some supermarkets sell herb plants in 2- or 4-inch pots; transplant these immediately into 6-inch or larger pots filled with well-drained potting soil. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

* SPRING-BLOOMING BULBS. Buy all kinds of spring-flowering bulbs and plant immediately.

* WILDFLOWERS. Sow spring-flowering kinds in weeded, prepared beds. Also sow a small amount of the same seed in a fiat of sterile soil so you'll have a reference plot. Otherwise you won't know weeds from flower seedlings when they emerge next spring.


* DIG AND STORE DAHLIAS. Stop watering a few days before digging dahlias, then carefully unearth them with a spading fork, Discard tops, brush dirt off tubers, and let them cure for a few days in a dry, frost-free place. Place tubers in boxes of peat, vermiculite, or sand and store at 45 [degrees].

* GROOM LAWNS. Mow and edge lawns one last time. …

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