Magazine article The Wilson Quarterly


Magazine article The Wilson Quarterly


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Of all the streets that blur into the sunset, There must be one (which, I am not sure) That I by now have walked for the last time Without guessing it, the pawn of that Someone

Who fixes in advance omnipotent laws, Sets up a secret and unwavering scale For all the shadows, dreams, and forms Woven into the texture of this life.

If there is a limit to all things and a measure And a last time and nothing more and forgetfulness, Who will tell us to whom in this house We without knowing it have said farewell?

Through the dawning window night withdraws And among the stacked books which throw Irregular shadows on the dim table, There must be one which I will never read.

There is in the South more than one worn gate, With its cement urns and planted cactus, Which is already forbidden to my entry, Inaccessible, as in a lithograph.

There is a door you have closed forever And some mirror is expecting you in vain; To you the crossroads seem wide open, Yet watching you, four-faced, is a Janus. …

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