Magazine article Insight on the News

Paula Jones and Family Still Suffer from Clinton's Shameless Lies

Magazine article Insight on the News

Paula Jones and Family Still Suffer from Clinton's Shameless Lies

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President Clinton's bitterness toward Paula Corbin Jones was reflected in one of the more testy responses to the questions put to him by prosecutors. They pressed him to explain why he had not answered truthfully when Jones attorneys tried to get him to admit that he had learned about their subpoena of Monica Lewinsky from Vernon Jordan.

Asked why he had not honored his oath to tell the whole truth, the president waxed indignant: "I did not wish to do the job of the Jones lawyers," he said. "I deplored what they were doing. I deplored the innocent people they were tormenting and traumatizing. I deplored their illegal leaking. I deplored the fact that they knew, once they knew our evidence, that this was a bogus lawsuit, and because of the funding they had from my political enemies, they were pushing ahead."

Bill Clinton has expressed remorse for having lied about his consensual affair with Lewinsky, but he has shown no contrition for having wronged Jones. If it weren't for his outrageous treatment of her and his refusal to apologize, he would not be in his present predicament. He must rue the day he ordered his bodyguard to pluck this 24-year-old state employee from her post at a conference registration desk at the Excelsior Hotel and escort her to a room the hotel had put at the governor's disposal. Thinking she was going for an interview that might result in a promotion, Jones was shocked and humiliated when the governor dropped his pants and ordered her to perform what he now calls inappropriate conduct, his euphemism for oral sex. She refused.

Clinton has lied about this incident with the same shamelessness that he exhibited when he wagged his finger at us and declared, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." He claimed that he had never been alone in a hotel with Jones. He used that same lawyerly obfuscation with respect to Lewinsky, claiming that he never was alone with her in the White House because there always were other people nearby.

If the morals of Jones, the poor girl that Clinton's spinmeisters called "trailer trash," were as low as those of the rich kid from Beverly Hills, we never would have heard of Lewinsky. When Jones learned that The American Spectator had reported that she had done Clinton's bidding and had offered to be his girlfriend, she demanded an apology from Clinton. She sued him in May 1994 when he stuck by his claim that she was lying.

A federal judge in Arkansas dismissed her lawsuit on April 1, saying that Clinton's alleged treatment of her was "boorish" but did not meet the standard of "outrage" required by the law. …

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