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Magazine article Foreign Policy

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Hate the list? Think the Dalai Lama got robbed? Want to offer your competing theory of how the Internet is changing public intellectualism? With's new design, commenting on articles has never been easier. Here's what readers had to say about some of our recent pieces:

On "Think Again: God," by Karen Armstrong

VoiceOfReason: "You may not like it, but religion is as relevant to [foreign policy] as economics, history, demographics, etc. What people believe, why they believe it, and the tenets of such belief drastically influence how people act, [and] what decisions they make. Religion is as important, if not more so, than any other element of political discussion and it absolutely has a right to be on this page."

On "Plague," by Robin Cook

Philip_Traum: "I can accept the fact that it's at least possible for [a deadly hybrid flu] to occur. It's about as likely as a dozen other fairly legitimate apocalyptic scenarios, all of which are 'on the verge' of occurring according to who you listen to, none of which are as likely as simply dying in a car crash or from some other mundane cause, but those don't make good fiction. Continue wearing tin-foil hats inside your gas mask laden ski-lodge, I'll go on enjoying life before ultimately being struck and killed by an ironic, flu-ridden comet."

On "Recipe for Failure," by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

SLG: "So what we learn is that a little bit of theoretical rigor--of the sort most social sciences bring--is a useful way to structure an enormous amount of data! …

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