On Organizational Effectiveness

Article excerpt

This issue of Policy and Practice marks the sixth anniversary of our using "organizational effectiveness," or OE, as the primary way to help agencies improve their capacity and performance. During these six years, we've completed more than 40 projects with more than 25 state and local agencies, and along the way we've partnered with Casey Family Programs, the National Resource Centers and others. These efforts and the related development of our OE models, tools and techniques have been an incredible journey in "learning by doing" for everyone involved. The best way to understand what OE is about from afar is to read the three feature articles that follow.

I would like to especially thank the following people for their contributions to our work. First, thanks to the APHSA OE team for accomplishing the always hard but fascinating work of cutting a path where none exists, and for standing in the most dynamic of facilitation spaces. By taking daily leaps of faith--trusting our clients and ourselves--we've managed to develop things in a few years that typically take much longer. …


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