Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

The Many Roles of Hormones

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

The Many Roles of Hormones

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The Many Roles of Hormones

Hormone               in Body           Function

Thyroid-              Anterior lobe     Stimulates the thyroid gland
stimulating           of pituitary      to secrete its hormone
hormone (TSH)                           thyroxine.

Follicle-             Anterior lobe     In females, it stimulates the
stimulating           of pituitary      release of estrogens,
hormone (FSH)
                                        In males, it stimulates the
                                        production of sperm.

Luteinizing           Anterior lobe     In females, it secretes
hormone (LH)          of pituitary      progesterone during the second
                                        half of the menstrual cycle.

                                        In males, it acts on
                                        interstitial cells of the
                                        testes, stimulating them to
                                        secrete testosterone.

Prolactin (PRL)       Anterior lobe     After birth, it promotes the
                      of pituitary      synthesis of milk.

Growth hormone        Anterior lobe     Helps the body grow by binding
(GH)                  of pituitary      to receptors on the surface of
                                        liver walls, stimulating them
                                        to release insulin-like growth
                                        factor-1, which acts on the
                                        end of bones, promoting their

Adrenocorticotropic   Anterior lobe     Acts on the cells of the
hormone (ACTH)        of pituitary      adrenal cortex, stimulating
                                        them to produce.

Vasopressin           Posterior lobe    Acts on the collecting ducts
                      of pituitary      of the kidney to facilitate
                                        the absorption of water into
                                        the blood, reducing the amount
                                        of urine formed.

Oxytocin              Posterior lobe    Stimulates contractions of the
                      of pituitary      uterus during the time of
                                        birth and stimulates the
                                        release of milk when the baby
                                        begins to suckle.

Thyrotropin-          Hypothalamus      Stimulates the release of TSH
releasing                               and PRL.
hormone (TRH)

Gonadotropin-         Hypothalamus      Secretes during puberty and
releasing hormone                       triggers sexual development

Growth hormone-       Hypothalamus      Secretes growth hormone
releasing hormone

Corticotropin-        Hypothalamus      Acts on cells in the anterior
releasing hormone                       lobe to release ACTH

Somatostatin          Hypothalamus      Limits the release of GH and

Dopamine              Hypothalamus      Limits the release of PRL

Melatonin             Pineal gland      Helps the body sleep.
                                        Stimulated by darkness and
                                        limited by light.

Thyroxine             Thyroid gland     Increases rate/strength of
([T.sub.4])                             heartbeat. Regulates

Calcitonin            Thyroid gland     Removes calcium from the blood
                                        and stores it in bones.

Parathyroid           Parathyroid       Protein that releases calcium
hormone (PTH)         glands            from bones. Regulates level of
                                        phosphate in the blood.

Glucocorticoids       Adrenal cortex    Raises the level of blood
(cortisol)                              sugar. … 
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