Magazine article Computers in Libraries

From Zero to Web 2.0 Part 3

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

From Zero to Web 2.0 Part 3

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When we set down the path to our digital makeover, we were optimistic that we could completely revolutionize our library's web presence. We tried to keep our goals manageable, but it turns out we did not quite achieve 100% success.

Here is how we have done with regard to reaching our goals:

1. Create a more user-friendly and dynamic website: As I mentioned in Part 2 of my article, we have been working on the website for more than a year. Everything was in place, and it was supposed to be "live" well before this article was printed. Unfortunately, our media director, who had been working on the project, left the university. I took some rudimentary training offered by the site host, but it is a steep learning curve, so I am just doing small updates. I have experimented with the bigger changes using trial and error and getting some help from others, but we have not done any major overhauling yet. Our revised goal is to have the website up and running by the summer.

2. Activate and maintain accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter: We're still on track here! We even have a couple new friends who have read these articles! I have tried to reach out and request students, staff, and faculty friends at least once a week, so our friend count is slowly climbing. Students have tagged themselves in some of our photo albums, so we know people are seeing what we are doing. My goal for the spring semester is for us to friend at least 10% of the active student body and all faculty and staff members with social networking accounts!

3. Produce a library blog that allows students, staff, and faculty to learn about library news and events without having to wait on the biannual library newsletter: This goal was semi-accomplished. We have been posting more often on our campus-wide reading program blog, and we have tried to incorporate different types of media such as pictures and videos. We have also experimented with posting "notes" and brief announcements on our social networking sites. These efforts seem to be working to spread the word about our events, as we saw increased attendance at all of our events during the fall semester. We are still trying to figure out the best way to reach the student population--students do not seem to read blogs as frequently as the faculty and staff do.

4. Implement text reference services and improve our chat reference services: Both of these services are in place, and a handful of people have used them. …

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