ITC in Action: With the Help of Private Sector Exporters, Developing Countries Can Trade Their Way out of Poverty. Driven by This Conviction, ITC Projects Are Making a Difference Where It Counts-On the Ground

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Mali mango exports boom

Mall, a landlocked African state, has more than quadrupled its exports of mangoes in just four years and is on track to quintuple the volume by the end of 2009, Guided by an ITC-led project, the country has also seen its number of export partners increase from just one country, France, in 2005, to five European countries, several Arab states and various regional neighbours in 2008, Producers learned to identify market requirements and obtain accurate market information, as well as to diversify markets, improve packaging and meet international quality and safety standards. ITC is helping with trade negotiations and acting as an honest broker to bring Malian exporters into contact with potential importers at international trade fairs such as Berlin's Fruit Logistica.

Incomes soar for Lao silk weavers

Building on the successful experience in neighbouring Cambodia, for the past two years ITC has been helping poor silk weavers in rural areas of Lao People's Democratic Republic to meet the quality standards demanded by foreign buyers. It has helped the weavers to improve the quality of their products, including through new innovative designs, and build skills in promotion and marketing. The project, which is focused on four pilot communities, has included a study tour for weavers to Cambodia to increase their knowledge of processing and marketing techniques. The first 50 weaver families report significant increases in their incomes.

Opportunities crafted for Cambodian women

In one of Cambodia's poorest provinces, women craft producers' groups have been strengthening production capacity and building lasting links to the market, The Partnership for Gender Equity programme brings together ITC, the Cambodian Government's Ministry of Women's Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme, and aims to help women producers' groups in particular to reach the quality standards needed to increase domestic and export sales of their goods. It also aims to help build the country's own capacity to provide business support services for women entrepreneurs,


Helping business make the most of the EC-CARIFORUM Partnership Agreement

ITC's package of programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean help businesses take advantage of export opportunities, covering areas such as help with packaging and meeting quality standards in order to enter international markets, branding, identifying niche opportunities, trade promotion, customs and trade finance. ITC developed a guide on the EC-CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement to help businesses in the Caribbean identify new investment and export opportunities for the services sectors.


Tajik growers certified for better business

For the first time in Tajikistan, two fruit and vegetable processing companies have obtained an internationally recognized certification for food safety management. …


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