Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

CFMP Certified Financial Marketing Professional

Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

CFMP Certified Financial Marketing Professional

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The CE quizzes in ABA Bank Marketing magazines provide up to six continuing education credits per year to Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMPs). Each quiz consists of 10 questions taken directly from the articles in each issue and have been pre-approved by the ICB for 1.0 credit per quiz. You must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions to receive the credit.

To take the quiz, please go to, login, and click on "Continuing Education Quizzes (ABA Magazine)" located on the left-hand side of the page. Once you have completed the quiz, you will receive immediate notification of the results, which can be printed and saved for your records. Quiz credits are automatically uploaded to your record and will show under "My Continuing Education Credits" within 48 hours. If you have any questions, contact ICB's Continuing Education Manager at

Deciphering the New Marketing Rules

By David Meerman Scott

1. The following are characteristic of social media marketing EXCEPT for:

a. Enlightening.

b. Interrupting.

c. Informing.

d. Starting online conversations.

2. The way to start with social media is to:

a. Plunge in.

b. Begin blogging immediately.

c. See what's going on out there.

d. Participate in online conversations.

3. When first creating a social network page, it is best to:

a. Target a small niche market that is important to your bank.

b. Teach as many people as possible.

c. Use as many social media as you can.

d. Stick to promoting your products.

Before Booting Up

By Amber Farley

4. Once you start using social media, you should:

a. Abandon all forms of traditional media.

b. Use social media strictly for community relations, not marketing.

c. Use a mix of social media and traditional media.

d. Use it sparingly.

5. The following are all steps in starting social media marketing EXCEPT for:

a. …

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