Building Organizational Effectiveness Capacity in Support Functions

Article excerpt

Public and private human service leaders spend substantial time developing and implementing organizational improvement plans. Heads of support functions such as training, human resources, quality assurance and information technology serve a vital purpose when they engage organizational leaders in dialogue about what is required to build and sustain an effective and continuously improving organization.

APHSA, in collaboration with leading professionals from public and private organizations and universities with extensive experience in the training and human service fields, developed two products to advance this dialogue between agency leaders and support function heads:

1. Markers of Effectiveness for Building OE Capacity within support functions

2 A Guidebook for Building Organizational Effectiveness Capacity: A Training System Example

The markers discuss the expansion of traditional support functions to include OE-related support services. They serve as guidelines to help organization leaders understand how their support functions can operate most effectively to provide maximum value to the agency.

The Guidebook speaks to the importance of engaging support functions, with training as an example, to promote organizational effectiveness and the application of problem-solving tools and models to achieve this goal. …


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