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ESPN's Regional Info Gets a Gold Star

Magazine article Information Today

ESPN's Regional Info Gets a Gold Star

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Never having been one of those people who falls asleep to ESPN's SportsCenter (or who brushes his teeth, walks his pack of dogs, or does yoga while watching ESPN), your Field Correspondent has only paid sporadic attention to the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

As a result, we went into a recent visit to with some expectations. By the way, Fort Worth (FW), Texas, as always, is a stepchild in this family, even though the Cowboys and Rangers play in Arlington, which is much more on the FW side of Dallas/FW, and the best college football program in the area is in the big middle of FW.

So what did we expect at ESPNDallas .com ( Maybe some digital exclaiming? Perhaps the web version of that video game-view camera at football games (which gives us vertigo) or highlight reels that assault the senses soon after the page loads?

Nope. Geez, this actually is pretty good. There's lots of content, neatly displayed and original local content to boot ... blogs, calendars, highlights, archives. It's just what we want in a sports website. It's newsy, clean, and organized. Maybe we'll have to pay attention to sports again. If only our old Word Factories could accomplish these things. Guess that's why newspapers are going the way of the dodo, huh?

Besides having that anvil-sized realization dropped on his head, your Field Correspondent also discovered something for his new toy, the iPod touch. The free version of the ESPN app for iPhone is just about as handy as the regional website. And if we want, we can get cricket scores from around the world, updated in real time (well, as real as time ever gets in the world of cricket).

Just like on the website, you also can get as much or as little content as you like. With our favorite MLB team, we may be turning down the amount of content come about May 1 (we'll give you a hint: They rhyme with Last-ros, and may well finish there in 2010).

Oh, Canada

With the Olympic Winter Games still upon us, we hope that you are feeling 1) just a little sad that not nearly as many news outlets are covering the games (our former employer among them) and 2) like buying some official gear.

The host committee, at Vancouver2010 .com, has a gigantic collection of items that will help defray the considerable cost of this extravaganza. …

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