How Does Low Employee Morale Affect an Organization, and What Can a Communicator Do to Overcome It?

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Research shows that low morale translates to low productivity, less-than-perfect customer service, and increased sick leave and medical incidents.

I came on board at Statkraft just over a year ago, and quickly noticed pockets of negativity throughout the organization.

After learning more about the company, it became dear that much of the negative mind-set could be traced to a lack of engagement. To combat the problem, we:

* Involved managers in communicating with new employees.

* Created the opportunity for information sharing.

* Developed a communication training program for managers.

* Continue to develop two-way dialogue tools on our intranet.

A year later, we see that information sharing has strengthened and is supported by communication initiatives and collaboration tools. Add this to the other changes in the company, such as our new vision and strategic platform and our well-defined leadership requirements, and we have a recipe for employee engagement and much higher morale.

Irene MacCallum, ABC

Manager, internal communications




Low employee morale affects efficiency and productivity because employees lack commitment to their actions. It can result in riots, an unsafe working environment, high turnover and fraud.

Communicators can help overcome low employee morale by:

* Ensuring that employees get adequate and reliable information at the tight time.

* Encouraging employees to air their views without fear of retribution.

* Making employees feel that they are part of the company by involving them in the firm's publications and newsletters.

* Clearing up doubts created by rumors.

* Updating employees with news of interest to them as well as the firm.

* Highlighting the firm's strategies, mission, values and vision.

* Developing the habit of giving employees feedback on all the queries they raise.

Mtanga Noor

Internal communications officer

Tanga Cement Company Ltd.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Low employee morale stems from many sources: bad management, poor economic conditions, culture dashes after a merger or acquisition, and layoffs, to name a few. …