From Parks to Publishing: Joe Bannon's Recreation Experiences Range from Hardball to Hardcover

Article excerpt


Name:           Joseph Bannon, Ph.D.
Title:          Publisher and Founder of Sagamore Publishing
Member Since:   1978

The three phases of Joe Bannon's career in parks and recreation incorporates agency administration, academics and publishing. Returning to the United States from an overseas tour of duty in the Army, Joe graduated from the physical education program at Ithaca College in New York. Following fieldwork at a high school physical education teacher and basketball coach, he went on to graduate school at the University of Illinois in the Recreation and Municipal Park Administration Program. After eight years in the field, he returned to the university to head their Field Services Program. Bannon spent 34 years there, as a professor and department head, assisting or establishing more than 100 Illinois community park districts. Bannon began Management Learning Laboratories, a consulting business that yielded his first book, Best of Management Strategy. The publishing endeavor grew into Sagamore Publishing, the first publishing house dedicated solely to park and recreation management texts and the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Words of Wisdom

Beyond past work experience and education, I found that leaders have some of the following characteristics:

* High energy-needed in this field, dynamic individuals,

* Confidence-self-confidence not arrogance in their own abilities, knowledge and skills,

* Visionary-look beyond what goes on today, where things will be in five or 10 years, ability to delegate,

* Being good at something-mastery of particular skills, knowing your strengths and weaknesses,

* Personal commitment-committed to the product or service being delivered,

* Concern for people-key to this field, patience and caring for others, giving them opportunities to express themselves, community involvement, and have a voice,

* Healthy-need to be healthy to do the job, physical fitness needed to maintain high energy. …


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