Magazine article Word Ways

More Charades and Mondegreens

Magazine article Word Ways

More Charades and Mondegreens

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A. Here is an assortment of my own charades.

1. A coffee vase can be explicit or implicit:

overt-urn or tacit-urn.

2. Neckwear can be formal or informal:

proper-ties or casual-ties.

as well as unusual or understated:

novel-ties or subtle-ties.

3. Two partitions of a word in the Star Spangled Banner:

"Or the ramp arts we watched" (as we entered the expressway);

"Or the ram parts we watched" (at the butcher shop).

4. Other "ramp" words with two partitions:

rampages: ramp ages or ram pages;

rampant: ramp ant or ram pant;

rampion: ramp ion or ram pion.

5. Those mischievous imps start all sorts of things. Here are a few: imp-act, imp-ale, imp-art, imp-asses, imp-ending, imp-licit, imp-lied, imp-lode, imp-lore, imp-orts, imp-roper, imp-roving, imp-unity.

6. There was unusual interest in a splendid nocturnal bird, when millions watched the superb owl on TV. …

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