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Adwatch 19.05.10: Sony

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 19.05.10: Sony

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The brand's ad for its internet-enabled TVs fails to offer a compelling reason to buy one.

Sony's ad for its internet TVs is the most interesting in the Adwatch table, so a positive start for an execution that has taken a knocking.

It shows kids playing football in a packed stadium to an emotionally laden, slow piano soundtrack. The crowd goes mad, in slow motion, as kids miss the ball and scrabble round the goal. Nicely shot, dramatic, and slow, but will it be effective?

Let's start with the communication challenges - or my best guess. First, Sony TVs cost more than comparable models. Second, technology is complex and consumers' knowledge of it limited, so explaining why they should pay more is difficult.

On top of this, Korean brands have entered the advertising fray, so having the biggest budget and flashiest ad is no longer enough.

These problems are compounded in-store, where consumers face a bank of TVs all being fed the same signal and looking pretty much the same, but with widely differing prices and complex technical specifications.

So, advertising must justify the price premium, making something that is complex, simple, in a way we can understand and, importantly, remember. Part of this is emotional - creating desire and reputation. The other part is rational, the justification you give yourself, and others, as to why you just forked out an extra pounds 200.

That's what was brilliant about 'Colour like no other'. It was simple and single-minded. …

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