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Adwatch 09.06.10: Nescafe Gold Blend

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 09.06.10: Nescafe Gold Blend

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Spot tries to evoke the spirit of the 80s 'Gold Blend couple' ads, but doesn't quite pull it off.

Some brands are like sharks: they constantly move forward to survive. Think IKEA, Nike or Diesel. Although they have a clear philosophy at their heart, they engage their devotees with a stream of fresh ideas.

Others are more like salmon. They explore a little, but periodically return to their birthplace. Over the past few years, as marketers and the public alike have yearned for the familiar comfort of the past, we have seen brands like Milky Way, Fairy Liquid and John Smith's revisit landmark advertising from their archives.

The latest Nescafe Gold Blend spot aims to recreate the magic of the 'will they, won't they' 80s campaign that reached its climax in 1989 when 30m viewers tuned in to see whether neighbours Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan would kiss. And why not? Having made what has been rated the most romantic ad of all time is a remarkable asset.

This isn't the first time Gold Blend has tried to find a story as captivating as the original tale of yuppie love, and it's not easy. This pleasantly shot commercial features potential lovers in apartments on opposite sides of the street, who spy each other through open windows. The magic of the coffee sparks a connection, and the street shrinks until the protagonists are face to face.

It's certainly a product of its time. No talking, and an effects-driven metaphor for the role of the brand. …

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