Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Cameron Clucks Off

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Cameron Clucks Off

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Gordon Brown's resignation, depending on your point of view, was either a heroic act of self-immolation or a cynical power play. But the departure date was strictly his call. A snout whispered that Peter Mandelson had wanted Broon out immediately so that David Miliband could be crowned temporary PM, with an eye to the long term. The Talibrown, anxious to ensure Big Gordie's DNA survives in the shape of Ed Balls, wanted the departure set for 2011.


David Cameron was clucking relaxed during his party's talks with Nick Clegg's team. The Tory leader said that his election highlight had been decapitating the Daily Mirror's chicken-suited correspondent. Passing one of the paper's reporters in Portcullis House, Cameron was heard making cluck-cluck noises. How appropriate for a man winging his way to a deal.

Those Miliband lads, David and Ed, are coy about sibling rivalry. But I hear that Ed the Younger told their mum, Marion, that he may break a past promise and run against Big Bruvver David. We could see a family fight for socialism. David Miliboy's campaign has advanced under Mandelson's patronage. The Blairites James Purnell and the other Phil Collins--an ex-No 10 staffer-turned-Times scribbler--are already on board.

New MPs and old hands alike have been issued with five-year passes to Westminster. In a hung parliament, that's what I call optimistic.

The leadership intentions, or otherwise, of the lefty Jon Cruddas are arousing speculation. …

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