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Adwatch 23.06.10: Anchor

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 23.06.10: Anchor

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The butter brand's focus on purity and provenance, with a dash of humour, is paying off.

The television commercial is dead.

When was the last time you heard those words? A while ago I'd wager.

I certainly didn't hear anyone utter them during last week's GoogleJam; a wondrous glimpse into a digi-copia of shiny new exciting things. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Once they got their presentation computer up and running (oh, the delicious irony), those nice techno-chaps at Google-owned YouTube informed us that TV ads are some of their platform's most searched-for video content. Moreover, the more creative the ad, the more people choose to watch it. (YouTube can prove it you know. It has the data.)

Such insights have inspired YouTube to develop clever stuff like User Chosen Ads that enable people to choose what ads they want to watch, rather than be fed traditional pre-roll. Bubble, meanwhile, is its own channel celebrating the best advertising on YouTube, which lets people nominate ads they love and have them voted on, allowing them to either 'bubble' up to the top, or sink without trace.

The scary thing about YouTube is that the more stuff like this it creates, the more graphs it ends up with. Graphs that not only show exactly how many people like an ad, but more importantly, how much they like it and exactly which bits they like. It's hard to argue with a graph that shows precisely the moment people get bored with your ad and click onto something that might be more interesting. …

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