Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

Selling Wachovia Checking Accounts

Magazine article ABA Bank Marketing

Selling Wachovia Checking Accounts

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HERE IS A SELF-MAILER that has an excellent checking offer from Wachovia, but could be dramatically improved with several (big and little) layout and copy changes. The self mailer is 21" x 5-3/4" with the $50 (4") coupon attached and perfed at the end. The self-mailer is folded in half with coupon folded into the inside. There is a need to balance the emphasis and space for selling both "the sizzle and the steak" of this checking account:


1 Return Address: How does a banking prospect in Connecticut feel about receiving a mailing from "some bank in South Dakota"? Probably like they are too big and too impersonal for them.

2 $50 Offer: This is an excellent selling feature (the "sizzle") that is communicated well in the front and back panel headlines. But these panels really could benefit from some graphics, using at least a piece of the $50 bill, with President Ulysses S. Grant's portrait to bring home the point.

3 Inside Layout: With limited real estate to work with, the layout gives too much space to too little information in the left panel. Better to have run a headline across both panels that said something like: "Open a Wachovia Checking Account by Feb. 28, 2010, and Get $50."

And then increase the type size and space given to the benefits of their checking (the "steak") using both the left and right panels. The disclaimer copy on the bottom could also be spread across the bottom, to minimize its distraction.

4 "What's in it for me?": "A checking account that meets your needs" does not really sell the benefits to the consumer. …

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