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Details "R" Us

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Details "R" Us

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With all the things your IT department does, keeping track of your district's computers, along with their OSs and software, shouldn't be an added burden. Thanks to asset-management software, it isn't. This product takes the onus off your IT department and offers an efficient, effective, and easy way to get a handle on all your equipment.

              GLENDALE                    REFUGIO INDEPENDENT
              RIVER HILLS                 SCHOOL DISTRICT
              SCHOOL                      Refugio, TX
              Glendale, WI


WHY DID       When technology             "We were looking for
YOU BUY       coordinator Jeff Johnson    something to help us
THIS          came to the district        track our users and
PRODUCT?      three years ago, he         monitor where they were
              needed tools to manage      going online," says Matt
              the infrastructure more     Jones, district
              efficiently and             technology director and
              effectively. "I had         network administrator.
              worked in other districts   "Even though it does
              for 10 or 12 years, but     asset management, we
              here I'm a one-person       didn't buy it for that
              department." He heard       purpose."
              that Casper Suite would
              let him automate software
              installation, and though
              it was costly, he thought
              it would help him be

LIKES/        It is a little expensive,   "I like being able to
DISLIKES      but he's worked it into     track all the users and
              the budget. He has no       that I can pull up a
              dislikes on the user        seven-or 30-day snapshot
              side, saying it's both      to see all the Web sites
              well designed and well      visited and ranked in
              developed. "It works out    order. If an
              of the box. There are       administrator needs to
              three or four ways to do    know which sites were
              things, and you can         visited, I can do that
              customize the program,      easily." He doesn't like
              which is really helpful.    some of the interface
              There's an active online    options, but that is just
              community and an email      a small concern.
              newsletter with lots of

EASE OF       JAMF has a three-day        It's easy to use,
USE           training that Johnson       especially because Jones
              recommends. "They don't     was familiar with Remote
              make you get the            Control.
              training, but it's a good
              idea. It takes a bit of
              time to understand the
              functions. It's a
              complicated system, but
              JAMF wants you to be
              successful right away.
              The average person won't
              just get it."

WHAT DO YOU   "I can track our            Jones tracks users and
TRACK         computers, in real time,    online destinations. Next
WITH IT?      to find the last time a     year he'll buy new
              specific computer was       computers with Windows 7,
              online and the software     so he'll start using the
              installed on the            product to track OS
              computers. If the board     upgrades and more
              wants a report, I can       traditional asset-management
              access the information      concerns.

WHAT IS       Johnson estimates that      This isn't applicable
THE           there's a savings of        yet, but Jones is
COST-         $60,000 every year. … 
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