Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Tweet Wise: There's Something to Be Said for Not Putting It All out There

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Tweet Wise: There's Something to Be Said for Not Putting It All out There

Article excerpt

Scott Mills

Radio 1

On Radio 1 Scott Mills was talking about privacy on the internet. "I've been investigating Aled to find what dirt about him is out there on the worldwide web," he said, in the salivating tones of someone certain the listeners were in for a rude shock.

In came Aled--one of Chris Moyles's gimps, but a sweet enough kid--to be faced with a wall covered in snaps of him that had previously been posted online. "This is scary," breathed Aled, "this is sooo scary." "How scary?" checked Scott. Aled needed a moment to let it all sink in. I say a moment, but time moves quickly on Radio I, so a single discombobulated pant can be made to mark a whole hour of existential agony. "There are photos that ... other people have put of me on Facebook!" squeals Aled, the penny dropping suddenly. "You've been tagged, mate!" yells Scott.

"I've been tagged! When I've been out DJing! This is a stalker board! OK, that's weird. This is scary. OK, this is scary!" I don't know about you, but I wasn't really getting a credible sense of terror here. I mean, if this was a movie, so far there wouldn't be that many gritty street shots or runny noses in doorways, or scenes of surveillance operatives hunkering down with their earphones clamped tight and full ashtrays--just Aled in a bar cheerfully ordering another pina colada.

Radio I's security expert Darika stepped in for a moment to draw Aled's attention to his persistent tweeting. Turns out "am jogging in hyde park past the serpentine where the cafe is", and "omg on the train to london have left my debit card in a shop in Swansea now have no money or card to pay I have anew cc and no pin yet" are unwise tweets for a celebrity--unless they actively want to be snatched and spend the next four months playing canasta until the kidnappers' blow runs out. …

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