Magazine article Anglican Journal

Cryptic Crossword

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Cryptic Crossword

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1 shipment

6 hats

10 entourage

11 range

12 amaze

13 transient

14 ignominy

16 morsel

19 engulf

20 covering

21 open house

24 polio

25 libel

26 intention

27 adds

28 enrolled


2 hits a snag

3 prune

4 enacting

5 theta

6 horoscope

7 tinge

8 negative polls

9 fertile ground

15 molehills

17 still life

18 molester

22 embed

23 unite

24 panel

Cryptic Crossword by G. Bocknek


1 Goods sent out spent by him(8)

6 In that sense, they're right on the head(4)

10 Two points about outrage generate followers(9)

11 Cooker used in the mountains?(5)

12 Put a labyrinth together to create wonderment(5)

13 Rain on the tents is scattered so he passes through quickly(9)

14 Go, I'm in NY reviewing that bad reputation(8)

16 Scrap bad morels(6)

19 Surround and flung eastward wildly(6)

20 Reporting a kind of protection(8)

21 Home isn't locked--that shows hospitality(4, 5)

24 One loop may cause a childhood disease(5)

25 Be ill around false words(5)

26 10 in on it provides the aim(9)

27 Makes a total out of dad's confusion(4)

28 Registered loner led out(8)


2 Has a sting removed, forces a delay(4, 1, 4)

3 Trim away dried fruit(5)

4 Performing, decreeing(8)

5 Found in the tale finally told in a Greek letter(5)

6 Scoop about hero--read it for signs(9)

7 Get in order, trace(5)

8 Sounds like Polish naysayers--they're not a good prediction(8, 5)

9 Soil that's rich can produce inventive ideas(7, 6)

15 Can they create the Rockies from mounds of earth? …

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