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30 Years of Campaigns & Elections

Magazine article Politics Magazine

30 Years of Campaigns & Elections

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Thirty years ago this month, the first issue of Campaigns & Elections was published. Between the covers of Volume 1, Issue 1 lay the future community of political professionals.

I wanted to share this space with two people who had a tremendous impact on our first decades: Stanley Foster Reed and Ron Faucheux.


Stanley Foster Reed founded our magazine. I asked his youngest daughter, Beryl Wolfe to tell us something we don't know about Stanley:

"I remember my father getting excited as he planned to launch the first issue of Campaigns & Elections. I told him it was the best idea he ever had--a compliment he would repeat often over the years and into his old age. A merger guru, entrepreneur and publisher before starting C&E, Stanley--as I called him from age 16 on--was always thinking and commenting on institutions, society, ideas and philosophy. When he started C&E, there wasn't another publication like it. But that's the way he rolled, always out in front. He hated smoking in the '50s, trashed his hunting rifles after JFK was shot, quit the country club on principle before it was cool to do so and generally stirred things up wherever he could. He started C&E to get more people involved in politics--so anyone could learn how to organize a campaign and run for office. Like I said, it was the best idea he ever had."

Ron Faucheux saw the magazine grow in a decade of his leadership and remains a fixture in our community. Seventeen years after he first joined Campaigns & Elections, this is what he remembers learning:

"The main lesson is that you must use the new tools to engage voters in a very personal, interactive way. Don't just use these tools to push out information to voters, or even to ask them for help--use them to create a deep sense of participation by listening, communicating, networking and giving supporters channels of involvement. Always remember 'Rule One' of politics: Winning campaigns is about doing the basics right. While the tools and pace of campaigning have changed since 1980, when Stanley Foster Reed founded Campaigns & Elections, and since 1993, when I became editor and publisher of the magazine, the fundamentals remain the same. …

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