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LeadMD Helps Buyers and Sellers Connect

Magazine article Information Today

LeadMD Helps Buyers and Sellers Connect

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Here's one company that develops enterprise websites to market services and technology based on actual user behavior


Justin Gray launched a conversational marketing services firm called LeadMD in May. For Gray, using sales and marketing technology to understand customer behavior and to advance the sales process gave him the opportunity to provide a new platform for customers. As CEO, Gray helps companies figure out if their websites and content are actually helping generate new business.

The conversational marketing service connects sellers and buyers under one umbrella. Gray wanted to help organizations get their solutions up and running quickly. "This was my passion in starting an organization that would allow small and medium-sized businesses to use [sales and marketing] technologies even with a lack of resources," he says.

The key is developing a relationship with the content at the moment a potential buyer first visits a company's website. "Whether you're following a click off Google, you're hopefully going to view a very optimized landing page based on what those keywords were," he says. At that point, a potential customer receives a content download or other call to action, which is part of LeadMD's process of managing and designing landing pages for its clients.



To determine what niche LeadMD would serve, Gray says he pulled back the curtain. "Take everything back to square one and look at how you are meeting the needs of your buyer and how we can automate them further down the road," he says.

This customer-centric approach is one that Gray believes is lacking for many small businesses. "Most marketing organizations and companies build websites like they're talking to themselves," says Gray. "When most people come to that site, they're looking for the site to grab their attention and educate them immediately."


LeadMD helps its clients make the most of their content. That way, they can use the content to engage potential customers and eventually convert leads into sales.

As part of the process, LeadMD creates buyer personas. "With the technology, we're able to get very granular on behavior, not only who is downloading it, but what they download, and what they do," says Gray. "The technology platform allows us to take that information and build it out into a platform that's easy to maintain. …

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