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What Are Some Ways You've Seen Employees Use Social Media to Do Their Jobs?

Magazine article Communication World

What Are Some Ways You've Seen Employees Use Social Media to Do Their Jobs?

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Plan India's Learn Without Fear is a global campaign to end violence in schools. As part of this campaign, Plan India launched a blog in 2009. The objective was to reach out to children, teachers, parents and the general public to increase their awareness of the issue of violence in schools and to show them how they can help stop it. The blog has gained immense popularity, and today it gets on average approximately 3,000 unique hits a month. Plan India's Learn Without Fear blog features stories, cartoons, videos and a variety of other creative elements produced by young people. We've promoted the blog through various social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube and social bookmarking sites, among others. Plan India now has around 7,000 followers on Twitter, and the YouTube videos have been viewed more than 41,000 times. This has proved an excellent way for Plan India to help support children as they speak out against violence in their schools, and has empowered many people in India and around the world to help make schools safer.

Shompa Mohanty

Media coordinator

Plan India

New Delhi

United Kingdom

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the world of digital and social media (Second Life, anyone?). For those in the communication industry, the likes of Twitter and Facebook are rapidly becoming the norm, yet what real benefit do social media bring to wider groups of employees, and how are they using the latest tools?

The range of usage by employees is consolidating down to four main tools--blogs, wikis, microblogging and social networking-but the way that those tools are used is of real interest, and often not in a way that the organization intended. The focus of attention is often on the remote worker, for whom online hubs and networks provide the perfect platform for communication and collaboration. But as these hubs have developed, the non-remote workers want and need the same level of interaction. Likewise, in emergency situations, where social media tools play an increasingly important role, usage has become less innovative and more of a necessity.

As for the future, the news that a software development kit (SDK) from Apple will enable the creation of private iPhone apps presents a whole new series of possibilities for internal communication. Effectively, all remote employees could have a common communication channel on their phones, or a crisis management app if a disaster strikes. …

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