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Adwatch 15.09.10: Mercedes-Benz

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 15.09.10: Mercedes-Benz

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This 60-second spot fails to live up to the marque's 'The best or nothing' endline.

NICK DUTTON, Managing partner, global network, Arnold Worldwide

It's quite remarkable. Gottlieb Daimler falls asleep in his own ad.

But I jump the gun ...

Mercedes-Benz has handily provided me with the criteria to review its latest TV spot, which carries a new global endline, 'The best or nothing.'

To be the best is an uncompromising ambition that all businesses and brands should aspire to. With this in mind, the question is whether it should have run the spot or invested its cash elsewhere and left a 60-second hole for another brand to fill.

The best TV ads should make you want to watch them to the end and create a positive feeling that will ultimately influence your behaviour in the short, medium or long term.

To do this, they must stop you doing things like channel-hopping, fast-forwarding or falling asleep.

The best TV ads achieve this through a combination of intrigue, entertainment and innovation against a specific role within the multichannel fandango that is a marketing plan in 2010.

In this ad, we see Mercedes founder Gottlieb Daimler's dream for the brand actualised in a CGI passage of time from the early 20th century to the present day.

It's a lot of information to fit into 60 seconds. In fact, when you visit the website featured in the ad - - you get what is ultimately the longhand version of the ad in segments of content. …

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