Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Hovis

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Hovis

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Moles will always mourn the passing of a fellow mammal, so, when we heard about a mouse being baked into a Hovis loaf, we had to find out what happened.

- Premier Foods: Hello, can I help you?

Mktg: Hello. I read in the newspaper about the dead mouse found in a loaf of Hovis bread.

- Is this true, as I am very concerned about this? Has it been seen in other loaves of bread?

Premier Foods: No, definitely not.

- Mktg: Do you have a customer care line as I want to speak to someone who knows more about this stuff?

(Premier Foods transfers Mktg to the press office believing that Mole is a journalist.)

Mktg: Hello. I think you have transferred me to the wrong department. I wanted to speak to consumer care.

(The press office then transfers Mktg back to reception.)

Premier Foods: Hello. I am going to have get back to you. I think you are getting passed around all these departments. …

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