Magazine article New Zealand Management

CONSULTATION : Reaping What We Sow

Magazine article New Zealand Management

CONSULTATION : Reaping What We Sow

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Byline: Kevin Vincent

This year we have been under immense pressure at work and I am feeling a real lack of self-confidence. I am experiencing these feelings in both group works and in one-to-one meetings. What can you suggest?

By acknowledging your feelings you have made a mighty first step in dealing with this. Please know that you are not alone. Many people are feeling the same way at the moment and this is due to many factors, not least of which are the current economic situation and the difficulties we all face trying to achieve targets.

These feelings you have are shared by many, if not all of us, from time to time and are quite normal. We all want to feel confident in our roles and in our abilities to deliver at work.

Firstly, it is very important that you begin to become more confident with your peers and colleagues. Some folk simply feel they dona[euro]t fit in and may be unsure how to handle situations (like conflict) or are unsure about how to communicate and deal with issues with other people.

Recognise you have something to offer your company and its people. You are of value and have been employed to contribute in a positive way. The fact that you are there suggests you have the skills necessary.

Then, I would encourage you to engage with your colleagues and trust yourself. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses (we all have them), feel good about yourself and do not judge yourself. Try to contribute at meetings by speaking up (remember you do have something to offer), look for opportunities to compliment others and at the end of each day reflect your successes of the day and stay positive.

I am an employer with a team of 10 employees. I am seeking to employ another team member and all the CVs I receive seem to typically show very short periods of employment tenure. Why is this and is this a trend?

Good question. …

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