MANAGERS ABROAD; Jonathan Lindroos, Partner, International Tax Services Ernst & Young US LLP, New York

Article excerpt

What prompted you to seek work outside New Zealand?


Can you provide a brief sketch of your current role?

There are two parts. First, I lead a global (120 country) team that serves a Fortune 10 MNC, striving to add value for them in each project that we do. Second, Ia[euro]m a technical international tax resource for other teams. So I spend my days analysing and creating innovative solutions to tax issues (or a[euro]drawing on the white boarda[euro] as my wife describes it).

How does it fit into your career path?

Every time I get asked that question, I feel like I should have one. I fell into the somewhat arcane world of international tax by accident. If there is a a[euro]designa[euro] to my career, then this is the stage where Ia[euro]m building and leading truly global teams and learning how hard (and fulfilling it is) to execute on a vision.

What are its main challenges?

Keeping up. We work in an environment where only Friday afternoons are somewhat peaceful as Asiaa[euro]s shut, Europea[euro]s gone home and only the West Coast is still charging hard. The other seven days, someone is always awake and needing something. Combine that global demand with constantly evolving tax regimes and the challenge is in managing the flow of data, understanding what is informative and trying to turn that understanding into applied knowledge.

What are three learnings you will take from it?

Probably three things a[euro]" the first two of which relate to attributes that normally are associated with New Zealand.

You cana[euro]t teach common sense; so when you find it you have to grab that resource. Upfront and frank discussions are always best.

Ask yourself how have you impacted the people that you are dealing with. If you cana[euro]t answer that question positively, then you need to rethink what you are doing. …


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