INBOX : Generation Gap Showing in Global Study

Article excerpt

In a worldwide study, IBM has found many similarities between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow Co but discovered Gen Ys are more likely to prioritise issues of sustainability and globalisation.

The Global Student Study was done because IBM Business Global Services says in a few short years the C[pounds sterling]MillennialC[yen] generation, sometimes called Generation Y, will make up half of the worldwide workforce. The study, based on similar questions to the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study (CEOs struggle to cope, NZ Management August), drew over 3600 responses from graduate and undergraduate students from more than 40 countries

Like CEOs, six out of 10 students rated creativity among the top three leadership qualities, more than any other attribute. CEOs and students both agreed that organisations should concentrate on setting up new channels for their customers, that access to greater information and insight was critical to setting up closer relationships, and that organisations today canCOt move fast enough to keep up with the pace of change.

CEOs viewed the new economic environment as more complex, and students did too Co even more so (69 percent compared to 60 percent). MBA students saw the greatest complexity.

For all the areas of agreement between students and CEOs, there was still a deep divide, say the authors, which may be attributed to future leaders having a different experience of the world. Historic events werenCOt rated by students, their experience of information was different, and they understood that economies, societies, and organisations are made up of interconnecting networks. …


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