Magazine article Techniques

The Need for Guidance

Magazine article Techniques

The Need for Guidance

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FOR SEVERAL REASONS, CAREER GUIDANCE AND NAVIGATION is an issue I have been thinking a lot about lately. Over the past year I have represented the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) at a series of meetings sponsored by the Center for American Progress. The meetings focused on career navigation and what type of system and resources need to be put into place at all levels of education to help individuals chart their own career path. I can tell you there is no consensus as to how this issue should be moved forward on a national policy basis. At the same time I have been reading about the "net generation" and how they approach life and learning. The book Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott identifies key characteristics that define this generation:

1. They want freedom in everything they do.

2. They love to customize and personalize everything they touch.

3. They are the new scrutinizers and expect to know what is behind information.

4. They look for corporate integrity and openness when making decisions.

5. They want entertainment and play in their work, education and social life.

6. They are the collaboration and relationship generation.

7. They have a need for speed.


These characteristics mean that we need to find ways to engage young people as active participants in their future. They want to be able to search a broad spectrum of information and make their own decisions about what they want and how they want to travel their journey. …

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