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The tide of fantasy which has been dominant in fiction for children for many years shows no sign of abating. Pity the poor reviewer, and Reviews Editor, who doesn't mind a moderate amount of fantasy but always seems to get a disproportional amount. As here at home I receive books for prospective review, in total around 5,000 over a year, I tend to put them spine up in boxes, supermarket surplus banana boxes are ideal. These are generally sorted according to our review section categories so when I decided to have a check on categories it was easy to select the recently received box of books of fiction for 12s to 16s, as I write they are those books published in late March, April and into May. By chance I found a total of 47 books so I added the next 3 as I unpacked them to make a rounded sample of 50 books.

Sub-dividing these books into roughly categorised genres they add up as follows:

a) 6--have particular young teen girl-reader appeal

b) 4--cover events and relationships, with a touch of romance

c) 29--are easily seen to be fantasy: of these- 11 are horror / frighteners

8 are set in 'other' realms

4 have an alternative version of our world

5 are faerie / vampire paranormal

1 is a fantasy, rather than historical, time-slip

d) 5--feature teenagers with exceptional powers (superhero fantasy)

e) 4--are adventure thrillers

f) 2--are historical novels

With 50 as a total compiling these as percentages is easy: putting c) and d) together, as being all broadly seen as fantasy, makes 68%. …

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