Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Win an Argument

Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Win an Argument

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Let them speak first. Listen, identify their concerns (getting promoted, closing a deal) and then tailor an irresistible argument.

Give them credit. Ask questions that guide them to your conclusion Who'd reject an idea they've come up with themselves?

Stay calm. Focus on what your opponents are saying rather than what you think of them as a result of it (they're a fool). Calm a rising temperature by asking yourself what you want to achieve and how you can make it happen.

Be prepared. Write down every challenge your argument could provoke, hone your answers, then practise delivering them.

Don't bamboozle. Most people would rather reject an idea than admit confusion. Break your argument into bite-size chunks, simplify and clarify. Make it foolproof.

Strike a match. Feeling a connection with others makes us more open to their ideas. Give natural synergy a nudge with body language. Adopt their posture, laugh when they laugh.

Reason with them. Of the nine major influencing tactics, logical reasoning is the most effective: saying 'because' after a statement increases the percentage of those converted by 50%. …

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