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Magazine article Mortgage Banking


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Most of the time we get our inspiration from press releases. But this time we are going to try something a little different. We are teeing up a news story from way back in March--I know, we're desperate here, it's summer in Washington, D.C.

The headline reads: "Prudential plans 'immersive virtual tours." It was a news story from Inman News, and it's copyrighted. The story describes how Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services was launching a new venture--Prudential Real Estate Collaborative Innovation Partnership (PRECIP). The venture is described in the story as "a 'collaborator' or virtual lab 'without walls' to marry the expertise of outside technology companies and the Prudential Real Estate network, the company said."

OK, we all know this kind of talk is red meat for Technobabble. But it gets way better. The story adds, "The company says the laboratory will focus on four areas: video gaming and sensory spaces; social networking and media sharing; mobile computing; and the application of semantic Web search engines research." Well that doesn't sound very serious, But hey, we are trying to keep an open mind here. That is, until we read a little further.

"This is actually Avatar meets real estate. We demonstrated ... how (two people) could both be in different rooms at opposite ends of the country and be holographically next to each other. Buyers can start to experience homes and what they would do with (a home) even before they actually see it,' [Prudential Real Estate Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jim] Mallozzi said." And that is a direct quote from the story.

It goes on to say, "While the tour prototype uses traditional navigation with a mouse or joystick, the project hopes to incorporate technology that [Immersive Design Studio] has already developed that tracks the body as it moves, [Steve] Van Anden said. People will be able to project a to-scale version of a room onto a wall and 'walk through' a room without clicking or wearing any special equipment." Good to know, because we certainly aren't going to put on any "special equipment" for a virtual house tour.

Moving along, we found a press release with suspect grammar that suggests it might have been outsourced to some public relations writer in a cubicle in the Far East. Tell us what you think of this particular wording: "To know more about this software visits this following URL:. ..." That wasn't the only sentence we found somewhat intriguing. How about this one: "Digital snap backup software used to unhide the hidden information for computer forensics and investigation purposes. …

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