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Conventional Wisdom 2010

Magazine article Newsweek

Conventional Wisdom 2010

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With the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, an earthquake in Haiti, rank partisanship in Washington, and rotten eggs at home, the CW can be excused for considering 2010 a year to forget. P.S. Don't touch our junk!

Obama (sideways)

Got health care, fin reg, and $20 bil. for oil spill.

But nobody knew or cared. Next: The Reckoning.

Boehner (up)

New speaker is tanned, rested, and ready.

Now must deliver not just for base but for country.

Pelosi (sideways)

Put it all on the line for health care--and won.

So losing the gavel doesn't sting so bad.

Palin (up)

Savvy new millionaire couldn't be bigger.

Unless she runs the table from Iowa to 11/6/12.

Tea Party (up)

Rocket rise as upstart political movement.

Will scalding water burn too many tongues?

Reid (sideways)

Senate majority leader barely dodges bullet.

With only 53 Dems, will he get squat done?

McConnell (sideways)

Dr. No's "highest priority" is beating Obama.

So much for economy, deficits, Iran.

Brown (up)

Gov. Moonbeam back in Sac. after 28 years.

Stay cool, Jerry, and hasta la vista, Ahnald.

Bernanke (sideways)

Tries to fix econ. with "quantitative easing."

But "QE2" may sink before life raft inflates.

McChrystal (down)

Gen. cashiered after Rolling Stone interview.

Petraeus as replacement means longer war.

Arizona (down)

The "Show Me Your Papers" State.

Brewer, McCain, Kyl all drink the cactus juice.

Kagan (up)

Harvard Law dean is fourth woman to wear the robes. …

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