Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Raise Your Status

Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Raise Your Status

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Stop helping.

There's a fine line between team player and office dogsbody. The next time someone (bar the MD) asks for a favour, say no. Be polite but give minimal explanation - they should know you have bigger fish to fry. And if they didn't, they do now.

Hone your delivery. Speak at a measured pace - gushing says 'green'; steady says 'shrewd' - and use fewer, better words. If there's a silence, don't fill it. Count to 10, then say: 'Everybody with me so far? Good.' You were just waiting for them to catch up.

Change your role. Don't compete with experts. If others know more than you, provide incisive summaries or ask challenging questions instead There's more than one way to shine.

Adopt a cause. Stand for something and you'll stand out. Just make sure the project is worthwhile. A rebel without a meaningful cause is just a busybody.

Take the lead. Set the mood rather than be led by it. If others are sombre, bubble with enthusiasm; if they're irrationally ebullient, be the voice of reason. Whatever you do, don't follow.

Sparkle on stage. …

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