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Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - John Lewis

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - John Lewis

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Confusion over how the company's 'Never knowingly undersold' policy applies online had Mole posing a few questions on the thorny issue of price-matching.

JL: Good afternoon, you're through to John Lewis Direct, (name) speaking, how can I help?

Mktg: Hi, I'm calling about the 'Never knowingly undersold' promise online - I'm slightly confused about how this works. I understand that there is a rule where I can't compare prices with Amazon and John Lewis online?

JL: Yes ma'am, that's the case.

Mktg: Why is that?

JL: We only price-match with stores that have high-street stores. Amazon is a virtual store, ma'am.

Mktg: OK. Can you explain this 'bricks and clicks' phrase to me?

JL: Well ma'am, it means that we match prices with brands that have a high-street store and a virtual one. For example, Currys or Dixons.

Mktg: So if I were to buy a television from Dixons or Currys, I would be able to ...

JL: Price-match, yes.

Mktg: I've been told that I can't match the price for electrical goods from Dixons and Currys.

JL: You can match them because both have high-street and electrical stores. There have been cases where that has been done.

Mktg: That's good to know. I was worried because I read somewhere that Dixons was wiped out of the deal, and I know that Dixons owns Currys and PC World, which would make price-matching electrical goods quite difficult. …

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