Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

The Comeback Gid (Part One)

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

The Comeback Gid (Part One)

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"Might I suggest that we use the expression ... 'blood libel'?" I said. The incomprehension in the room was total.

"It is a bit strong, certainly," I continued, "but no stronger, one might argue, than some of the things being said about SP."

"Blood libel," repeated one of the sharper members of the Palin speechwriting team.

"It's grrrrreat," said Tony.

"Why, English, you sure do have a way with them words," said the Chief.

Perhaps understandably, I left the Land of the Free before Palin made her misjudged Facebook speech. It was not hard to predict that the fallout would be uglier than a barefaced pitbull. And, given the levels of literacy on the speechwriting team, it was equally easy to envisage at whom Palin's podgy finger of blame would point.

Anyway, my work was done. When Dave despatched me to Team Palin, even the most positive of human resources specialists would have struggled to describe this any more optimistically than as "a sideways move". In the event, my assignment could not have been more vital.

We may survive a double-dip recession, we may get away with making three million-plus unemployed, but a series of photo shoots with President Palin would most assuredly scupper any chances we might have of re-election. Removing Sarah from the equation was a priority. I was proud to do my duty.


My reward was to return home just in time to catch Coulson's resignation. …

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