Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

More BS from DC Just Zucks!

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

More BS from DC Just Zucks!

Article excerpt

The big society. The BIG society. The big SOCiety. The big ... SOCIETY! There were so many mentions of the Prime Minister's "absolute passion" on the evening news on Monday that it was easy to suspect that our new director of communications, TV's Craig Oliver, had duped his former colleagues into conducting a Derren Brown-style experiment that would hoodwink the biddable public into not only thinking the big society was a good thing but also believing they had an inkling as to what it might be about.

Fat chance. Dave has been banging on about it for two years and the message remains blurred. Even the big society minister, Nick Hurd (half-decent left-back; none too clever off the pitch), often finds himself saying to me, "Haven't the foggiest, GD. Better crack on." Not that any of us admits our ignorance of St David's Passion to its creator or the ghastly Steve Hilton (whose repulsiveness was apparent to everyone over a decade ago when one of the Saatchis--it matters not which--blurted out that no one reminded him so much of his younger self than little Steve).

"Why me?" the PM moaned again, tucking into a full plate at a convenient patisserie.

"It's your little ray of sunshine."

"Why do I have to explain everything? Do everything. All. The. Time. The only person who truly gets it is ... ZUCKS."

This was not an old-fashioned expletive of the type one might use on dropping a cake but a reference to the social networking baron. A nerd lauded by the PM for transforming society, despite his only achievement being to enable unpopular adolescents the opportunity to discover, via other people's messages and photos, the extent of their unpopularity. …

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