Magazine article Sunset

The Hot 25: These New Plants Are Destined to Be Garden Celebrities

Magazine article Sunset

The Hot 25: These New Plants Are Destined to Be Garden Celebrities

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On our radar

On our radar
                   FLOWERS          FULL SUN

The botanical      'Incrediball'    'Gum Drop'
Lady Gaga          hydrangea White  Echinacea Nothing
Over-the-top.      flower clusters  modest about this
theatrical, and    so enormous (a   cone-flower. Except
ironic: Yes.       foot wide!),     for a miniskirt to
Subtle? Not        they're almost   tiny pink petals,
exactly.           comical. And     it's all look-at-me
                   like Gaga, held  core. Zones A2, A3,
                   up by very       1-24.
                   sturdy stems.
                   Sunset climate
                   zones A3;

Fit for Marie      Sun Spun Yellow  'Wendy's Wish
Antoinette         petunia Shaped   Salvia Jewel-like
Frilly, floaty,    like a twirly    buds, see mingly
fancilul, and      skirt in the     always in bloom,
ferninine. A       sunny color of   withpetals like
atotal embrace of  optimism.        pink petticoats and
the soft side.     Innocent and     dainty stems. Zones
                   idealistic. All  14-24.
                   zones as an

Bring on the       Million Bells    'Flame Thrower'
Bollywood Spicy,   Cherry Pink      Echinacea A
jewel-toned,       Calibrachoa The  coneflowe that
gilded, and        saturation       looks like it
otherwise          level in these   swirled its way out
adorned. Jai Ho!   petals rivals    of a train-station
                   that of the      dance number. The
                   best saris. A    red centers
                   color you'd      resemble bindi
                   like draped      beauty marks. Zons
                   around you.      A2, A3; 1-24.
                   Zones, 8, 9
                   14-24. As an
                   annual: zones
                   2-7, 10-13

Black Swan, baby   'Pinstripe'      Tropicanna Black
Gothic, brooding,  petunia White    canna This exotic
mysterious, and    streaks          canna has leaves so
definitely dark.   dissolving into  dark, you'll wonder
Maybe even         velvety black    how it
dangerous.         petals like      photosynthesizes.
                   shooting stars   Sinister, to say
                   disappearing in  the least. Zones
                   dark skies. All  6-9, 12-24; H1, H2,
                   zones as an      or dig and store.

Fresh off last     'Hot Lava'       Big Bang 'Redshift'
week's Glee        Echinacea        Coreopsis More
Exuberant          Knowckout        modest than some of
exhibitionism      color, simple    its fellow cast
paired with        bold shape, and  members, but showy
wholesome          stems as strong  in its own quiet
innocence--just    as a             way. A sweet little
like our favorite  cheerleader's    explosion of color.
show.              legs, Center     Zones 1-24.
                   stage only,
                   please. Zones
                   A2, A3; 1-24.

                   PART SHADE         TIGHT SPACE

The botanical      Gator aloe An      Techno Blue labeiia
Lady Gaga          unusually bold     A blue so intense,
Over-the-top.      pattern for such   it feels hot rather
theatrical, and    a small plant.     than cool. A
ironic: Yes.       Like the           prolific bloomer and
Subtle? Not        pint-size diva     a real show-off. All
exactly.           herself, it's      zones.
                   proof that drama
                   doesn't depend on
                   size. Zones 8, 9,

Fit for Marie      'Fireworks'        Superbells Backberry
Antoinette         fountain grass     Punch Calibrachoa A
Frilly, floaty,    the girliest of    flower with the
fancilul, and      grasses:           flared shape and
ferninine. … 
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