Napa Valley College

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AS BEFITTING A SCHOOL LOCATED IN THE MOST FAMOUS WINE region in the United States, Napa Valley College (NVC) is home to the very first winery located on a community college campus in California to be bonded and licensed to produce and sell wine. In September 2008, following a 10-year effort spearheaded by Steven Krebs, coordinator of the Viticulture and Winery Technology Department at NVC, the Napa Valley College Winery Foundation was awarded the bond for the winery, which is fully integrated into the Viticulture and Winery Technology instructional program. Although NVC students have been growing winegrapes and making wine for years, now they can learn how to sell and market what they produce from the six-acre vineyard on the southern edge of the campus. Every aspect of the winemaking process takes place at the school, with the students able to gain experience in each step of the process--from working in the vineyard to the marketing and sale of the wine.

Based on a core of viticulture and winemaking classes, the program is designed to help new students prepare for a position in the wine industry and to help current industry employees to advance in their careers. Both certificate and associate degree options are available. The certificate in viticulture and winery technology consists of production-oriented courses in grape growing and winemaking. The certificate in wine marketing and sales focuses on wine styles, technical tasting skills and business courses.

Students who complete the associate of science in viticulture and winery technology specialize in viticulture, winemaking or wine marketing and sales. …


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