Magazine article American Libraries

How the World Sees Us

Magazine article American Libraries

How the World Sees Us

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"Locate two bookstores in a shopping mall and it is applauded as an example of the competitive marketplace at work. One presumes greater merchandise selection, better service, lower prices, etc. Locate two public libraries near each other, and howls about government waste would be on the six o'clock news."

JONATHAN LEWIS, founder and CEO of Opportunity Collaboration, in "Are Libraries Stacked Against the Free Market?" Huffington Post, Feb. 28.

"The library represents that branch of government that's like the smart kid--the teacher's favorite. And the library always wins. They get whatever they want. Everybody loves them--nobody can say anything. People who work in the library think they are so much better than everyone else. And what's really funny is we've been doing Q&As about our show, and people from local governments have said, 'You guys nailed it about the library.' We were just making it up as a joke on the show, but I guess everyone hates the library."

Parks and Recreation star AMY POEHLER, in response to the question, "How much does Parks and Recreation hate the library?" in the Q+LA column, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Jan.

"Although the turmoil in Egypt is a matter for the Egyptian people and their government to resolve, limiting internet access for millions of people is a matter of concern for the global community. It is essential to communication and to commerce. No one should be denied access to the internet."

Facebook spokesperson ANDREW NOYES, who declined to comment on the political specifics of unrest in Egypt that inadvertently made the social-media giant a conduit for news updates through Al Jazeera's fan page, "Facebook Treads Carefully after its Vital Role in Egypt's Anti-Mubarak Protests," Washington Post, Feb. 2.

"I tend to retrieve memory bits through 'topographical' or 'associative' connections. Like searching a library by classification. And just as a librarian takes time to fetch a reference book--if you are old enough to remember such a person--it takes me a while to make the connections."

Out and About columnist MICHAEL BARNES, on how memory works, "Trivia in the Library of the Mind," Austin (Tex.) American-Statesman, Jan. 23.

"And so Hermione Granger, that charming grind, still goes to the Hogwarts library and spends hours and hours working her way through the stacks, finding out what a basilisk is or how to make a love potion. …

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