Fake College Mimics Reed Website

Article excerpt

WHEN AN ONLINE SEARCH for a Reed College (Ore.) professor last October brought a colleague to the website of the University of Redwood which doesn't exist--college officials knew something was up. The fake university's website was nearly identical to Reed's, copying the names of all the faculty and staff, and even using photos of the Reed campus.


"I think it was pretty dear to us right away that Reed was not the target of the scam, but it seemed pretty clear that there was some sort of scam going on," says Kevin Myers, assistant director of communication and media relations at Reed.

At first glance, the website seemed like that of a legitimate higher ed institution. "The first couple layers of it looked pretty robust," says Myers. But he estimates that 80 percent of the links didn't go anywhere. News pages appeared to be left in the planning process, with "headline here" in place of an actual headline. Watermarks were left on images taken from stock photo galleries.

Redwood, which has been internally dubbed "Reedwood" by Reed administrators, had a mailing address of a forwarding site in Torrence, Calif. …


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