Magazine article The Progressive

Not Just a Plan for Wisconsin

Magazine article The Progressive

Not Just a Plan for Wisconsin

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Wisconsinites, you've made a movement, and we're happy to join you. We are standing up for the middle class and the working class of Wisconsin and America.

I notice that Milwaukee's archbishop, the Pope, and the Packers all agree with us. I'm not even Catholic, but I figure if the archbishop, the Pope, and the Packers say that we're on the right side, then we're on the right side.

I saw a protest sign that talked about the haves and the have-nots. And it's absolutely right: Governor Walker and the Republicans in the state legislature support the haves only. People can't survive on minimum wage. They can't survive on $9 an hour, either. We need more than that to buy houses and raise our children and have communities that are empowered and have a place that we can be proud of. But Walker wants to destroy the middle class and shelve the dreams of the working class. And busting unions is the way he intends to go about doing this.


We can't let him get away with this. He is trying to change fifty to one hundred years of tradition that has existed in this state.

What Scott Walker has done really is an assault on our democracy. He didn't listen to nearly a million people who have come to the capitol in Madison to say that they disagree with him. How can you ignore all of those voices?

As I like to say, my favorite candy is Now and Later. And Walker didn't hear the people now, so he will have to deal with the people later.

Even though he doesn't listen to the people, he listens to his billionaire contributors the Koch brothers. That tells you just about all you need to know. …

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