Caught in a Mosh

Article excerpt

When I was younger, going to concerts was my favorite pastime. Living in the New York City area meant that rarely a week went by when I didn't have the opportunity to see some great artists on stage and I took advantage of it all. But looking back, I'm amazed that I actually survived some of these shows.

This was because I came of age in the heyday of moshing. For the uninitiated, moshing is a form of dancing that involves pushing and slamming into your fellow audience members. It was born at punk and heavy metal shows, but by the 1990s, it was common at almost any venue, regardless of the genre of music being played. Often, we would judge a show's success by the number of minor injuries we sustained. Bumps, bruises and bloody noses were badges of honor.

But despite what it looked like, there was a certain etiquette in the mosh pit. Sure we were violently crashing into each other but no malice was intended. Throwing punches was a no-no and if someone fell, they were quickly picked up before they could get trampled. …


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