Science Fiction Futures: Aliens and Robots Need Not Apply: On a Recent Afternoon on Twitter, We Pondered Some of the Stereotypes about How the Future Is Depicted in Science Fiction Books and Movies

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Our Twitter followers responded to our quest to find robot- and alien-free scifi with a very diverse reading and movie-renting list of suggestions. And they reminded us that good science fiction also doesn't have to be about the future, though of course that is our preference.;)

@WorldFutureSoc: Can anyone name a good #scifi story (book, play, movie) that does not involve aliens or robots?

@ebonstorm: The Foundation Series--No aliens or robots are harmed in the making of these three books by Isaac Asimov. #scifi

@Geofutures: It has robots.

@heathervescent: I don't think these have either: The Stars My Destination. Trouble on Triton.

@Geofutures: 11 of my top 20 #futurist #movies involve neither (Blade Runner more clones than robots) #scifi

@WorldFutureSoc: @ Geofutures Thx for link to! Just bookmarked it.

@heathervescent: I believe you can substitute the Foundation series as God Emperor Leto's unwritten 10000 yr rule. #scifi #mashup

@heathervescent: If that last tweet was too cryptic it was a Dune + Foundation Series mashup.:)

@WorldFutureSoc: Yeah, it kinda was!;)

@heathervescent: Its a challenge to fit two major scifi series' mashed up in a 140char tweet.:)

@jasonporath: Primer. The Fountain.

@jlindenger: I love "The Fountain"

@MattCCrampton: Easy, any book by William Gibson. Start with Neuromancer.

@JasonSwanson: OHHH good suggestion!

@jlindenger: Sharon Shinn's Samaria series which starts a bit more fantasy and shifts to scifi as things are explained.

@jlindenger: Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents/Parable of the Sower are probably among the best in that category.

@jlindenger: I think she takes issue with labeling it SF, but ... @margaretatwood 's "The Handmaid's Tale"

@johnadamyates: What about giant bunny rabbits? - Donnie Darko

@heathervescent: Here's the FTW submission: Clockwork Orange. (via Andrew on FB) Extra Credit: Solaris.

@jotaace: Those who mentioned Solaris: It's a story about a BIG alien.

@Geofutures: And an unusually realistic one

@ahnie: No idea if they're "good" but CSI (TV)-based should qualify as #scifi w/o aliens/robots

@WorldFutureSoc: @ahnie My mind-set is toward the future, so I sometimes forget that not all #scifi is set in the future.

@ahnie: I *think* Firefly/Serenity was w/o aliens except (d)evolved humans. Can't remember if any robots. Clearly time to re-watch.

@jlindenger: bazinga!

@ahnie: had to check Urban Dictionary for "bazinga" Is it definition 2, 5, or 6? #TragicallyUnhip

@heathervescent: Just search for Sheldon and Big Bang Theory.

@ahnie: BBT& Sheldon are UD def #1. Sometimes being TV-less is el-sucko. #ThemeSonglsNowMyEarworn

@WorldFutureSoc: The #scifi chat took on a life of its own! #BBT is science, fiction, robotless except for Sheldon's "virtual presence"

@OscarMopperkont: I believe 1984 by Orwell isn't mentioned yet #scifi

@jlindenger: there's a ton. Enjoy!

@WorldFutureSoc: Great list! Thx so much! (#scifi books/movies w/o robots, aliens)

@WorldFutureSoc: smacks forehead for forgetting great movies like Jurassic Park and WarGames.

The Futurist List (SciFi free of aliens and robots)


* Air by Geoff Ryman (St. Martin's Griffin, 2004). @justinpickard

* The Chrysalids by John Wyndham (Michael Joseph, 1955). @OscarMopperkont

* A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (William Heinemann, 1962; also a film). @heathervescent

* Dune by Frank Herbert (Chilton Books, 1965; also a film). @JITHyperion

* The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov (Doubleday, 1955). …


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