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Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Burger King

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Burger King

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Moles normally eat such delights as worms, but our beau has a fast-food habit and a taste for Spam. Could The King be about to make his dreams come true?

Burger King: Hello, (name) speaking.

Mktg: Have I come through to customer services?

BK: You have, how can I help?

Mktg: I'm calling with a bit of an odd request about your Spam Burger in Japan. Is it coming to the UK?

BK: Not as far as I'm aware. I haven't got much detail on it, but I can find out if you'd like.

Mktg: That would be really great, because my boyfriend actually really likes Spam, and I was trying to find out whether it's coming to the UK as I know that he'd really like it.

BK: OK. I'm pretty sure it isn't, but I can take your details and let you know. I can also give you the number of our PR company, who are abreast of all the marketing and new products.

Mktg: That would be great, thanks. (BK gives Mktg the PR company's details.) Just quickly, do you know whether it's completely made of Spam?

BK: I would have to have a look - I haven't got all the details on me I've obviously heard that the burger is available in Japan, and have seen a few news pieces about it, but I don't know any ingredients. …

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