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The Sun on Sunday

Magazine article Marketing

The Sun on Sunday

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The News of the World has been axed, but what will emerge from the ashes, asks Rachel Barnes.

Whatever name News International eventually settles on for a successor to the News of the World, it will undoubtedly face a whole host of challenges that no launch brand has before.

It seems that even non-cynics believe that any new paper will simply be a repackaged version of what went before. No doubt, NI will make every attempt to tell a different story: one that will eliminate the 'toxicity' that killed the brand. However, its big ambition will surely be to win back a large chunk of the millions of once-loyal NotW readers.

Therein lies the big question. Will a loyal readership be waiting for this new paper to emerge? Take too long and they will settle on another title. Move too quickly and the new brand will be seen as nothing more than NotW 2.0.

The results of research, conducted for Marketing by OnePoll in the days leading up to announcement that the NotW was no more (Marketing, 13 July), indicated that the paper's readers felt less strongly about the phone-hacking scandal and brands pulling ads than readers of other Sunday titles.

It has since emerged that NI owns domain names associated with The Sun on Sunday, but is the market ready for another NI title?

We asked ex-Guardian marketing director Marc Sands, who is now the director of media and audiences at Tate, and former Telegraph Group marketing director Mark Dixon, who founded sports marketing agency Fuse Sport.


- Two industry experts on how NI can generate some positive headlines


The timing of the launch of The Sun on Sunday (SoS!) will be critical to its future success. After all, the issues currently consuming News International are not exactly conducive to a successful launch.

The Sun brand may be entirely innocent of malpractice, with damage limited to the NotW. But while, technically, The Sun may be blameless, consumers could tar the NotW sister brand with the same brush, however unfairly.

However, should News International get its house in order there is no reason that the SoS should not be a super, soaraway success.

The British tabloids are the best and The Sun is the most remarkable. It has achieved its iconic status by sticking to a simple formula.

At its best, the newspaper is bold, daring and fun and seeks to subject politics, business and hypocrisy to the closest scrutiny.

The mistake that the owners of NI appear to have made is believing that they can live by their own rules. …

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