Magazine article American Banker


Magazine article American Banker


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Byline: The Editorial Staff

Just Can't Win

Compliance: it keeps the lawyers busy racking up billable hours, while making it more difficult for the natural course of sales to flow through the economy. A double-edged sword to be sure.

Posted by David J | Wednesday, July 20 2011 at 12:38PM ET

Shadow Play

What Mr. Ludwig politely only hints at, is that most - and the worst - of the recent financial crisis had its locus in the shadow banking system.

Bear Stearns was not a bank. Neither was Lehman, nor AIG, nor Fannie and Freddie, nor the mortgage brokers.

Posted by Wayne A | Wednesday, July 20 2011 at 1:08PM ET

Google Trade-Off

We are all newbies on Google+, but what strikes me is that it is already where I spend time, built into my Google interface (with Reader, Gmail, documents, etc.). It is scary to think how much Google must already know about us, but that is the cost to be engaged. …

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